Changes for 2020 and Beyond

In my quest to expand Promised Fibers’ reach, I began looking into the rules for raffles in the state of Pennsylvania. According to their definitions for games of small chance, the way the mini-grants were done previously were too similar for own comfort. So before trouble has the chance to blossom, I’m going to avoid it by changing the mini-grant regulations to clearly differentiate them from the raffles we hope to do in the future.

Mini-grant recipients (fiber artist, small business, & specialty) will be chosen by the Promised Fibers Mini-Grant Committee – more on that near the end of this post. The applications will be changed to include the following:

  • Mini-grant recipients will be referred to only as recipients and not “winners”.
  • The description at the top of application will now include: “Applicants do not have to make a donation to Promised Fibers.” [This was always the case, I just wanted to make it explicit]
  • The acknowledgment section will now include: “I understand that mini-grants will be awarded on the basis of need and furthering the goals for inclusivity. Applications will be reviewed by the Promised Fibers Mini-Grant Committee made up of volunteers and the Promised Fibers director. Volunteers will NOT have access to the names or contact information of the applicants. Projects will not be funded if they intend to infringe on the copyright or trademarks of another person or company.”
  • Fiber Artists Applications will include this question: “I identify as…” with checkboxes for BIPOC, disabled, low socioeconomic status, LGBTQ, Other.
  • Small Business Applications will include this question: “My business is committed to inclusivity and/or diversity by…..”

The Promised Fibers Mini-Grant Committee does not exist yet, but it will be a group of unpaid volunteers who with me to review the submitted applications to decide on the monthly recipients. It will be a once a month commitment that they can leave at any time. Committee members will be emailed a spreadsheet of the application responses MINUS identifiable information and asked to discuss/vote. The voting process is not decided yet and will depend on the needs and ideas of the chosen committee members.

If the committee is something that you are interested in participating in, please apply!

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