Ravelry Alternatives

In light of Ravelry’s lack of commitment to accessibility, many designers have chosen to leave the platform or to offer their patterns in another location in addition to Ravelry. Some people stated that having those alternatives listed in one place on the blog would be helpful to them. This list is not all of the options available to you for knit and crochet patterns. Also, please understand that some designers are unable to leave Ravelry. This post will be sorted into the following categories: Individual Designers; Other Pattern Hosting Platforms; and Apps/Extensions for Ravelry. None of the links below go the Ravelry itself.

If you would like to add anything to this list or notice anything problematic with something on this page, please reach out using the Contact Us page.

Individual Designers

Other Pattern Hosting Platforms

  • Etsy – Etsy is an online marketplace. It charges listing fees, transaction fees, and some ads fees. Etsy sellers have had issues with the website and its shipping fees and ad fees.
  • Fiber.Club – Fiber.Club is an in progress platform created by @lizamakesthings on Instagram. Follow @fiber.club on Instagram for updates on the platform.
  • LoveCrafts – LoveCrafts is an online platform for selling patterns. They handle VAT and customer queries for designers.
  • Payhip – Payhip is a platform to sell digital downloads. They have a free option with a 5% transaction fee.
  • Threadfolio – Threadfolio is a new, work-in-progress platform for digital copies of patterns. Currently, there are no fees for posting patterns and patterns posted are free. As the site grows, there will be small transaction fees to the designers for paid patterns. @chain.two.crochet/@threadfolio on Instagram will post updates on the site.

Apps/Extensions for Ravelry

  • If you choose to leave Ravelry, you can download all of your pattern .pdfs. The link goes to a YouTube video where the speaker is using the old Ravelry.
  • Alpaca – Alpaca is an iPhone app that can give you access to your Ravelry patterns, project pages, and Ravelry search without needing to be on Ravelry. You will likely need to get through the Ravelry login screen to connect the two.
  • Browser Extension – @evanitaewm on Instagram has created a browser extension that when installed shows Ravelry to users in more subtle colors.
  • knitCompanion – knitCompanion is an iPhone and Android app that makes .pdf patterns interactive. You can link it to Ravelry and also upload .pdf patterns from anywhere. This app has a free and a paid version.
  • Ravit – Ravit is an iPhone app that can give you access to your Ravelry patterns without needing to be on Ravelry. It is $4.99 in the App Store. You will likely need to get through the Ravelry login screen to connect the two.

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