Resources to Make Patterns Accessible

With the lack of accessibility efforts shown by Ravelry recently, the call for accessibility in the fiber arts community as a whole have grown. One aspect of the community that needs accessibility considerations is patterns. This list only includes free resources (for crochet, knitting, and sewing) because it is recognized that everyone may not have the funds to access paid options. Also, many of the options below mention Excel and people may not be able to afford that software. Some free Excel alternatives are Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel Online, Apache Open Office, and WPS Office Spreadsheets.

There are resources for both designers and crafters, but the resources could be interchangeable depending on individual needs. Accessibility is not one size fits all. Do what is best for you and your audience and be open to feedback!

Designer Resources

Crafter Resources

  • Contrado – A blog post explaining essential sewing vocabulary.
  • Crochet Guru – A site with tutorials on different crochet stitches.
  • Knitting Stitch Patterns – A site with tutorials on different knit stitches.
  • Local Library – Your local library may have fiber arts materials to lend out. They may also have a knitting group with people who may be willing to help you learn new skills. And of course, they have books! Books can offer you insight on different stitches and techniques.
  • Made to Sew – A YouTube channel with machine sewing tutorials.
  • Promised Fibers – Apply for a fiber artist mini-grant to assist with purchasing project materials. Use this Affordable Fiber Arts Patterns & Supplies blog post to help you find patterns and supplies that meet your budget.
  • YarnSub – Allows you to search for yarn substitutions based on different yarn characteristics or brands. Also has articles about choosing yarns and making swatches.

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