Affordable Fiber Arts Patterns & Supplies

While the fiber arts has a lot of benefits as a hobby, it can also quickly become too expensive to participate in fiber arts crafts. This post is meant to highlight businesses that are trying to make the fiber arts more accessible to all. Businesses are only included if we could verify discount information via their website/profiles. If you see any information that needs to be changed or would like to see a business added, please let us know via the contact form on the homepage.

Jessie Mae Martinson (@Jessssiemae on Instagram) has curated a spreadsheet of budget-friendly yarns.

  • Aroha Knits: Aroha Knits has multiple free and pay what works knit patterns.
  • Bedhead Fiber: Bedhead Fiber has a sponsorship program for education, yarn, and dye seeds. To be considered for sponsorship email
  • Born and Raised Knits: Born and Raised Knits offers sliding scale discounts on their patterns.
  • byKiilerich: byKiilerich offers discounts on larger quantities of yarn.
  • Dye is Cast Yarns: Dye is Cast Yarns offers an automatic discount on sweater quantities of yarn (5+ skeins).
  • Elsie and Everly: Elsie and Everly offers sweater quantity discounts on their yarn that can be attained via email only.
  • Fiber Community Fund: Fiber Community Fund provides yarn and pattern support.
  • Fibre Forward: Fibre Forward is a nonprofit arts education charity that provides fiber arts resources to the public, at no cost.
  • Jessie Maed Designs: Jessie Maed Designs offers a sliding scale discount on their patterns. Discount codes can be found on the individual Raverly pattern pages.
  • Kindred Red: According to their website header, Kindred Red offers a 5% discount on 6-7 skeins with code 5OFF, a 7% discount on 8-9 skeins with code 7OFF, and an automatic 10% discount on 10+ skeins.
  • Knitcraft and Knittery: Knitcraft and Knittery has a community funded yarn project and details can be found on their website.
  • Little Skein: Little Skein has a community funded yarn project and details can be found on their website.
  • LoveCrafts: LoveCrafts is a global home for makers that supports artists pursuing their craft.
  • Old Rusted Chair: Old Rusted Chair gives an automatic 10% discount on orders of 5+ full size skeins.
  • Ritual Dyes: Ritual Dyes offers sliding scale discounts on their products.
  • Sprigs and Stone: Per their coupon code highlight on Instagram, Sprigs and Stone offers a 20% discount on 8+ skeins with the code SWEATER20.
  • Snickerdoodle Knits: Snickerdoodle Knits offers their patterns free to those in need (based on the honor system; details on their Ravelry page).
  • Stitch Upon A Time: Stitch Upon A Time has a pay it forward pattern program.
  • Teeny Button: Teeny Button offers a discount on sweater kits over a size large.
  • Traveling Yarn: Traveling Yarn offers an interest-free payment plan on orders over $35.
  • Truly Hooked: Truly Hooked is a UK based company offering an automatic 10% discount on purchases of 4-6 full skeins of the same product and 15% for 7+ skeins.
  • Undercover Otter: Undercover Otter offers quantity discounts for orders of 6+ and 8+ skeins.